Resources & Support

Who to Contact & How to Get Support

Who do I contact for...?

We want to hear from & support you!

On this page you will find information on who to contact for a variety of questions and needs that may arise as we journey together throughout the program - from figuring out payment for tuition or lodging to connecting with fellow students to discussing course material to getting more personal support through sessions with Luminous Practitioners to expressing concerns or resolving interpersonal conflict.

Emotional / Healing Response

  • To get a session or support for an intense process I am in or simply as part of the transformational path we are on?
    • Schedule a session with one of the official Luminous Practitioners. Contact Luminous Practitioners directly (View their contact info on the Sessions & Mentoring page.).
  • If I want a mini or to trade practice sessions?

Learning / Content

  • To ask questions about the material covered in class?
    • You can discuss with fellow students and grad interns, as well as reach out to the teachers. The Facebook group is a perfect place for this as are labs and pods.
  • To provide feedback about a module?

Organizational Logistics

Community Concerns

  • If I'm struggling with some aspect of the program or with another student, a staff member, or a teacher?
    • Please contact the LAI Coordinator Team at
    • You can request confidentiality and anonymity.
    • If you wish to submit something completely anonymously, you can do so with our Feedback form (although we will be unable to respond to you directly if you are anonymous). You can also submit feedback here generally.
    • Grievances, conflict resolution, or other similar concerns will be brought to a team made up of teachers, staff, and our organizational consultant Mark Palmer as appropriate. Please read more about this process on the Community Commitments page.

What to expect:

Please allow 2-3 business days for a response.

Once we are in conversation, follow up response and engagement will be determined by the topic (for example, you and a practitioner would decide on a time for a session or the Coordinator Team would look into a logistical issue and get back to you). For situations taking more time, you can expect a weekly update to let you know where things stand.

We look forward to supporting you and keeping the lines of communication open!